Make more money with Gatsby

Having a network you can reach out to directly makes you much more valuable as an influencer. The more people in your Gatsby network, the more money you can collect from sponsorships.

Sell directly to your audience

Reaching out directly to your network is the best way to stir engagement. New album? New merch? Text your network directly. Text messages have a 98% open rate, leading to high sales conversions.

Here's all you have to do


Texts reach your audience better than the rest

Marketing directly to your audience is important, and there are many ways to do that. Texting has been proven to have the highest open rate and most effective way to reach people.

open rate
click through rate
read within the first 3 minutes
eligible receivers on Gatsby

Connected right out of the box

Custom Phone Number

Choose your area code and get a 10-digit number you can share anywhere. Let this number define you.


Talk 1 on 1 with your fans in our interface. Messages are sent back and forth between our interface and your fans' phones.

Mass Texts

Send a text to everyone in your network at the click of a single button. Every message sent directly to their phone.

Own Your Network

Collect information about the fans and followers that join your network.

Custom Branding

Adjust the colors, images, and automated messages that get sent to your network. Embed a custom iFrame on your site to collect numbers wherever.

Easy Analytics

We keep track of all of the numbers that matter. See how you're growing and using Gatsby.

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